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About us

INVICTA by EQUAA was born out of EQUAA – Education Quality Accreditation Agency, an international accreditation agency in the form of non-profit association. Invicta was born from meetings with several universities worldwide with the objective of creating a measurement tool that would provide accurate real life data of how students and employees were being evaluated by their peers during projects or real work environments.

What we measure


Improve your social skills and reduce the amount of work stress


Improve decision making

Emotional Intelligence

Increase learning ability

Good Communication

Improve communication


Increase tolerance for frustration

How does it work?
  • Measurement Effect​
  • Process Follow-Up​
  • INVICTA MasterClasses platform​
  • Improving results with specific activities​
  • Melting pot-effect (Balanced Teams Tool)​
  • Certification incentive​
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Our Services
We seek to provide value to universities, their students and companies. Five soft skills: Productivity, Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration/Team work, Creativity and Communication skills.


If you are a University, you can suscribe to INVICTA by EQUAA as Country Leader, as Strategic Partner or the Basic Subscription.


If you are a Company, you can suscribe to INVICTA by EQUAA as Founding partners, Driving partners and subscription.

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